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About Us

Our history started with our Director who has been in the design industry for over seven years, and began her design career working for high profile firms and clientele, Now recognised as women in construction Ambassador.


Our style is principled on culture, spirituality and luxury design, this ranges from reiki healing inspired design, feng shui and heritage design.

our passion comes from our Directors keen eye for design, Quality, style, and professionalism. An all female design team, we are respected for our creations and conceptual designs, with respect to the past, present and future Design. 

Ever walked into a room that had that “WOW” factor? All it takes is a good eye, years of experience in the industry, and the drive to turn a room into one you’ll never want to leave. Jackson and Co have been designing spaces with our creative and professional approach, and helping clients bring life back into their living spaces in the process! From picking out the right furniture to creating a floor plan that outlines your overall vision, we can do it all at an unbeatable price.

As your personal interior designers, we provide expert guidance throughout the whole design process and work closely with you to understand what you need. Call us or email, to schedule a consultation with us.

Industrial remodel - kitchen .png
Modern Kitchen
Interior Styling - 2018.png
Luxury Kitchen Renovation - 2015.png
Modern Bathroom
Modern Interior Design
Children's Room
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