Renovate your bathroom and Kitchen on a budget

The summer is here and many of us will be renovating our homes or parts of our homes. todays topic is renovation on a budget. we always advise our clients to consider a realistic budget that is comfortable for them, once you have a budget, now comes the sourcing.

1. seeking professional help;

seeking professional help although may not be for everyone, we strongly advise it. using trusted listed professional sites such House is always our first recommendation. you can find your local professional, accerioses and furniture from the House platform alone. seeking professional assistance can be the huge difference between a long term professional job well done, and a job that may need TLC sooner than expected, adding more unnecessary cost.

2. sourcing the fixtures:

if you have a professional such as an interior designer or working with Design specialist often you can work within a desired budget and have creative control of the end result and often with added bonuses such as discounted purchases on fixtures.

3. The Labour:

Now you've, taken up professional advise, received a consultation and a design, plan for the kitchen or bathroom. you've gotten a quote for materials and possible project management ( if you won't be overseeing the work). Exciting the design is now the final stage, if you went with an interior designer, this will be the least of your worries, as your main focus will be the design of the space and cost. however if you opted, to seek a design proposal and wish to execute the labour by outsourcing the labour on your own, we recommend searching for at least three offers from three different professionals, ignorer to find the budget that works for you, also lookout for reviews and galleries of past work. stick to trusted sites such as House for sourcing professionals.

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